In the words of the late, legendary Prince, “albums still matter.” So, it follows that musicians working on – and releasing – albums, is an essential thing. Artistes out here have already, this year, put out a number of commendable albums – Mena’s 57 MENA, Mother of Heirs by Black Girls Glow, and Kobi Onyame’s Gold, to name a few. And that’s some good news. But there’s better news; and it is that: with only a quarter of it left, we’re going to have even more album releases before the year runs out.

Akan – Onipa Akoma


We’ve heard this album; and we’re not even hyping when we say it’s going to be – or at least is supposed to be – a landmark project in the history of rap albums in Ghana. This, the official cover image was revealed yesterday to frenzied reception online. The album is indeed a phenomenal one. And if you don’t believe us, ask anyone who was at last Saturday evening’s listening party. Or, better still, get it when it’s released and hear for yourself. The official release date for Onipa Akoma is Saturday, October 14. Meanwhile, you can pre-order on Aftown, here.

Shaker and Ko-Jo Cue – Pen & Paper

Shaker is coming out of his Captain Hook steeze for this one; and what joyful news it is for fans of rap music. Ko-jo Cue, on the other hand, has been steadily holding things down on the rap front. And it’s indeed very exciting that these two BBNz label mates are teaming up to release a joint album. If nothing at all has done so for you already, that banging single, Pen & Paper, should have you hyped up for this 12-track rap album dropping soon.


In 2012, EL released his debut album, Something Else. Now, 5 years, a sophomore album, and three BAR mixtapes later, the self-acclaimed Best African Rapper has announced that a third album titled WAVs – an acronym for West African Vibes – is dropping before the end of the year. Well, then, Lomi, we’re waiting.


We’ve heard bits from M.I’s upcoming album; and if they’re anything to go by, we can confidently say that fans are in for another resounding effort from The Chairman. It’s been three years since we last got an album from M.I – 2014’s The Chairman. In between time though, he’s been kind and productive enough to give us the Illegal Music trilogy. We have reason to believe that this new album – whose title we don’t yet know – is coming soon.