It’s that time of the year again; and people in the country, on the continent, and beyond, are getting themselves ready for another edition of the annual Chalewote Street Art Festival.

The theme for this year’s festival is “Wata Mata” – which marks the end of a trilogy that began with African Electronics in 2015, and Spirit Robot the year after. In staying in line with the theme of the year, we, in 2015, named our project (and station) at the Chalewote Festival, the yoyo tinz shrine.

As this year marks the end of the trilogy, we here at yoyo tinz deem it fitting to bring back the yoyo tinz shrine – which began the trilogia journey for us, in 2015.

Here’s how we interpreted the yoyo tinz shrine in relation to the theme and our project – in 2015:

“our shrines, aside all the mystified conceptions we’ve been taught to have of them, are also centres of learning. In the same vein, hip-hop has been corrupted to make it seem uncultured, despite the fact that it is, in it’s truest form, a tool for acquiring knowledge, and in effect, power…”

This year’s shrine, is coming with performances that are going to be embodiments of that, and more. So much more. More of that electrifying vibeliness that was generated inside our station last year – the yoyo tinz Robosapiens inside the Old Kingsway Building in James Town.

Come Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th of August, we plan to multiply all of the amazement and vibeliness this year at the yoyo tinz shrine; which will again be stationed inside the Old Kingsway Building. Of course, there’ll be brilliant showings and performances of the various elements oh the hip hop culure. (You know how we do!) Come make we jam!