Whilst Djing was ­ and still is ­ very fundamental to hip hop, little or no acknowledgement is given to it as a core part of the culture, and as an art on its own, at least in these parts; and this disregard plays out in a variety of ways: the absence of DJing in conversations about hip hop, the disrespect of the art and mistreatment of its practitioners, to name but a few. yoyo tinz will begin a series titled “The Art of Djing” as part of efforts to bring Djing ­along with other neglected elements­ to the centre of the hip hop stage.

The series will consist of periodic dialogues and write­ups with and about Dj’s and Dj’ing respectively; and these conversations and articles will make thorough attempts to treat Dj’ing as an art, Dj’s as artistes, and to ultimately drag Djing from the periphery of the hip hop stage to the center, together with rap/MCing.

Photos by: fullishart + Ofoe Amegavie