The poetry and slam women in the country are going all out with full projects and other kinds of creative outputs: it was Poetra Asantewa with Motherfuckitude in 2015, followed by Akotowaa and her Solitaire EP – which was released a week shy of Christmas – and now it’s Dzyadzorm – who has announced her forthcoming EP, “The Wine Wrote This”.

As far as full projects go, this will be her debut after about three years in the scene.There’s something to be said about the very evocative title of the EP – The Win Wrote this – hmmm, the things we could say after gushing down some red wine.

Dzyadzorm, when we spoke to her about the forthcoming EP, said “the sound is a bit unconvetional for spoken word. It’s content is honest, insightful and relatable.” Now, we might have to just chill and let it hit us into whichever direction is happens to.

Listen to the works the wine did not write.