Ghana turned 58 years as an independent nation today. The former British colony which ignited the fight for independence in Africa is now facing the toughest of times in it’s  economy. Rapper elrepgh addresses the socio-political, economic and energy crisis in the country on his new tune ‘State Of The Nation.’

In the song, the rapper allays the frustrations of Ghanaians and also admonishes Ghanaians to come together and
fight for what’s rightfully theirs and seek ‘accountability’. ‘Put our differences aside and try to work together/ Reassess our methods
for more effective measures/ Better manage our resources, reinvest our
treasures/ Instead of bickering we’ve been complaining for years/ Who do we blame
for this state of affairs/ i blame us/ If we have the power we make them do
what they must/ Demand accountability, stepping our game up.