When the cover art for this song was released onto the internet last week, it was largely met with hateful comment. This sad and alarming occurrence could be attributed to the title of the then yet-to-be-released song, and the two artistes on it. Lord Paper mainly for the very raunchy for his single – Awurama, and Wanlov too, mainly for his radically unconventional views on religion/God.

“Like God Fuck Up” was released yesterday, and to a large extent, it implicates all “Christians” who also made unsavoury comments about the song even before its’ release.

In the song Lord Paper raps about God’s benevolence: being merciful to his followers despite their fuckedupness, and he also raps about how “Christianity make some way.” Wanlov’s verse presents a different perspective about God – one which would not come as surprising to any ardent listener of the Kubolor.
“Like God Fuck Up” is available online for free download. ALternatively, it can be streamed on Youtube below: