For the sake of the unitiated, a ‘lituation’ is, simply, ‘a situation that is lit.’ And truly, a lit situation is exactly what last night’s JAMESON CONNECTS party with M.anifest, was.


We were there some; with our senses scouring for all that was yoyo at the event; and indeed, they was not far-fetched.

The party was a ‘strictly by invitation’ event, with M.anifans given various opportunities to score invites to the party via the god Mc’s social media pages. So it made sense that more than a half of the crowd could sing/rap along to the songs M.anifest performed on the evening – songs largely from his new album, Nowhere Cool, one or two from his previous albums, and a couple from songs released on the #RoadToNowhereCool.


The generally electric atmosphere got even more electrifying whenever Worlasi – the most featured artiste on Nowhere Cool – joined M.anifest up on stage for a performance of any of the joints they have together.

Two (other) highlights of the night would be: M.anifest’s performance of his very (in)famous song, god Mc – which had the house all the way turnt up, rapping along and calling for encore after encore.


And there was KEYZUZ too, whose skills on the consoles are uniquely mindblowing. The performances were insterspersed with several brief appearances by her, and whenever she came on, she did live remixes of a M.anifest song, and provided heavy beats for the get down.



Last night was a vibely night.