Sometimes, when an artiste called Donzy collaborates with a totally underrated rapper known as Kofi Kinaata, they end up with a fun, quirky and interesting song and decide to title it “The Crusade.”

They accompany this song with a pretty amazing video that employs satire to do some expose` work in the church -how is a church member busy taking selfies whiles the sermon is ongoing? And how the hell is the ‘evangelist’ already planning another crusade just as he gets overexcited counting money that’s not meant for him, but for God?
Did you hear the story of the pastor in Nigeria who was found and called out for reciting the Japanese national pledge and presenting it as a tongues-speaking bout to his congregation. Missed it?
Never mind! Evangelist Kofi Kinaata’s translation of Pastor Donzy’s readings will elicit equal (or perhaps more) amounts of laughter from you. Not only that; it also gives you an idea of how clueless some of these preachers are, and how they can easily misinterpret the text to suit their personal motives. (Shine your eyes!)

We enjoyed watching this, and we hope you do, too.