If reviews of the debut edition of the artiste concert are anything to go by, it was an amazing show which promises much more awesomeness.

After debuting with Wanlov the Kubolor, the monthly event returns with Akan a.k.a. Kwabena Nkwantabisa. The young rapper, undoubtedly one of Ghana’s fast rising talents has won many hearts with his fierce, poetic and inspired sound; and has given reason for anyone to believe that he’ll amaze and in effect, get many more members to join his family, the Akan Abusua.

You should be at Nubuke Foundation at 8 p.m on the 25th of February to experience an intimate session with Akan. For enquiries or more information, visit the event facebook page here.

Tickets will go for 10 Ghana Cedis at the gate. In the meantime, watch Akan perform his single Obiba J.K on our gintar tinz series here: