Alliance Francaise Accra was teeming with hip hop lovers on Saturday night; the 19th of july, as the BAR (Best African Rapper) concert, headlined by BBNZ Live artist, EL, went down. The show will undoubtedly go down as one of the most successful hip hop concerts to have ever been held in the country.

Man of the night, EL was introduced and a great cheer went up from the audience as the BAR man walked on stage. Appropriately, he performed Best African Rapper first and before the song was over the whole house was indeed feeling him. He then performed a couple more songs – the crowd rapping along all the while – and introduced onto the stage, Skillions pioneer Jayso who went on to have a decent set. He performed songs such as My Daddy Is a Champ and his recently released single, Making Tasha Proud.

Other Skillions veterans such as J Town and Scientific also came onstage and did their thing.

BBNZ’s latest signing, Kojo Cue too rocked when he came onand the crowd especially went nuts when he performed his latest single, Corolla Music.

Also present on the performance list of the night were members of the then Skillions New Generation, Gemini, Shaker, Rumor and Joey B, who had the crowd screaming even without uttering a word.

 In every other one of his numerous sets, EL brought out the various artistes featured on the BAR mixtape for the performance of respective songs. In one of the sets, he brought out the EmCeo, C Real and Dex Kwasi to perform Work which is seemingly one of the fans’ favourite joints off the mixtape.

 One of the night’s highlights has got to be when Wanlov the Kubolor joined Dex Kwasi on stage for the performance of the latter’s Trapping In Africa song. The cheers escalated as Kubolor came on to deliver his guest verse.

 Recent MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs) winner, Sarkodie’s appearance on stage brought a lever of hysteria hitherto absent in the house, as fans trooped to the front and stood on their seats to witness the rapper at work. Moments prior to his introduction, the audience chanted his name-as they had taken a cue from DJ Mensah’s appearance at the DJ booth. The hyper crowd showed Sark so much love as they screamed and rapped along throughout his performance. And he absolutely paid them back with a mesmerizing performance. Definitely a major highlight of the night.

Among the nights’ performers were Trigmatic, XO Senavoe, Dee Moneey, Raquel and Stargo, all of who did not fail to seize the opportunity to flex their showmanship.

 In his last set for the night, EL observed a moment of silence for Castro, announced BBNZ’s plans of bringing the legendary Lauryn Hill to Ghana in December for another hip hop concert, and then performed the last song on the BAR mixtape: Saa Na Etee with label-mate, Shaker.

 Just when fans thought he was about to do the sacrilegious by not performing American Passport –which is without a doubt, the masses’ favourite off the BAR mixtape. EL walks back on stage with Joey B and rendered the song to a joyous and enthusiastic house. The BBNZ Live family, along with some fans, joined EL and JoeyB on stage and it was the perfect climax to an extraordinary concert.

 If the comments and reactions during and after the show, plus the turnout are anything to go by, the BAR concert definitely lived up to its hype and all who attended surely got their twenty cedis’ worth.

By: Hamza Moshood

Photos : @selormjay