Samuel Bazawule aka Blitz the Ambassador began his rap career in his native Ghana. Back then he was known as Bazaar and was working with prolific Ghanaian producer, Hammer. It was with Hammer and D33ba that he recorded his first song, ’D33ba’ which turned out to be a monster hit.

To be able to reach a global audience, Blitz moved to the States to pursue his musical career. He was a college student at Kent State University when he released his very first project SOUL REBEL, a tape that would go on to be the blueprint for all of his projects.

SOUL REBEL was anarchic, pro-Black and pan-Africanist in content and hearing all of these elements in Blitz’s subsequent works till date indeed makes the SOUL REBEL EP the foundation for all of Blitz The Ambassador’s material.It’s been ten years since the release of SOUL REBEL and yoyo tinz would like to congratulate Blitz The Ambassador for coming this far and also for staying true to his words and not being “another industry puppet.”

We would like to urge The Ambassador to continue telling Africa’s story and while at it, keep waving that red, gold, green and black star flag.

Again, we say ayekoo.

Enjoy his new video “ALL AROUND THE WORLD/RESPECT MINE ft Emicida & Y’akoto” shot in Sao Paulo-Brazil. It features strong images of the graffiti,capoeira and Djing culture in Brazil.


By: Moshood Balogun