After about a year of postponement, Blitz The Ambassador has finally announced the release date for his next album, DIASPORADICAL.
The announcement was made with some very enthralling images that speak to the “deeply spiritual” nature of the album – as has already been suggested by the visuals for Juju Girl, Shine and Running.
In line with his very laudable way of drawing from (ancient) African traditions, the rapper/filmmaker drew inspiration for the album’s CD design from the “Bwa Sun Mask” which, according to him, is “used to celebrate in the farming season, and bless crops in Burkina Faso.”
Blitz has long said that this album will be his “best one yet.” To share our thoughts on such a bold delaration, we would have to wait till the full length album is released – together with his Diasporadical Trilogia short film – on December 12th.