The road to Manifest’s Nowhere Cool album release has been full of things worth talking about. One of the things that caught our attention here at yoyotinz is Hanson Akatti’s splendid cover art pieces for a number of the songs on the album.


Rich People Problems ft. @TumiMolekane Produced by @kuviemcg

Rich People Problems ft. TumiMolekane

Hand dey go, hand dey come ft.  @worlasigh Produced by @Drvmroll

Hand dey go, hand dey come ft. worlasi

We were fortunate to briefly engage with Hanson Akatti on creating these pieces.

Hanson explains that the big idea behind the creation erupted from series of conversations he and Manifest had about the album; to give a visual representation to each track and spark conversations on various platforms – about how people relate to the music and then readily grasping the message embedded in the track.


Damn You Rafiki Produced @drvmroll


B.E.A.R Produced @drvmroll

Does Hanson have a favourite out of the pieces he did for nowhere cool? The ingenious illustrator answered that each of pieces is inspired by the track for which it was made, and thus makes it difficult to pick a favorite.

On working with Manifest, Hanson had this to say:

working with M.anifest is always easy because we like to see things go in the same direction which is dope because I like to take things to the next level

By: Kevin Kekeli Sape