M.anifest: B.E.A.R

Dir: Garth Von Glehn

M.anifest teams up with Garth Von Glehn – same director behind his ‘No Shortcut To Heaven’, ‘Mind Games’, ‘Forget Dem’ and ‘100%’ – to release second visuals from his Nowhere Cool album. 

As a reviewer, I have become used to writing lengthy prose when a M.anifest video comes out, but this is no Mind Games or No Shortcut To Heaven or even a Cupid’s Broken Bow – this video is mainly (only) performance sequences. With styling by Daniel Quist, M.anifest continues his streak as the best dressed rapper, whilst affirming his position as the best rapper – his words. 

The video, littered with low angle and close up shots is a great video, I’m just not as blown away like I was when I saw W’ani Aba. My favourite scene however, is M.anifest in his Coming To America-esque garb, standing in the hallway of an uncompleted building. Long and tracking shots, reveal an onlooker in frame, but in the background; perhaps representing you and I, who keenly follow his talent.

A 3/5 from me!

Review by yoyo tinz member Hephzie

Blog: http://hephziek.blogspot.co.uk/