The first batch of Black Girl’s Glow; made up of six artistes with with different styles, influences and voices – Poetra Asantewa, Ria Boss, Adomaa, Fu, Cina Soul, and Dzyadzorm – came together to create the album, “Mother Of Heirs”.

“Mother of heirs” alludes to the Supreme Being as recognized in a female form; giving deity a female representation. The album cover mirrors the content of the whole album, oozes out the vibe of who a woman free, comfortable in her own skin and body, and not being ashamed of; but accepting herself for who she really is.
Poetra Asantewa, whose brainchild Black Girls Glow is, said that the group thought Akosua Hanson the perfect fit for what Mother of Heirs represents: the full spectrum of humanity – the good, the bad, the ugly, the weak, the sexual, and the needful.

A photo that embodied just that was needed – “an image that announced its relevance and still remained subtle, an image that fused vulnerability and strength seamlessly.”

And indeed, Akosua Hanson effortlessly personified all of the above-stated with her intense presence and authority; yet still, exuding an air of calmness and subtleness. On her part, she loved the idea right off the bat. She felt that “’Mother of Heirs’ was centering the feminine, re-instating, in a sense, that side of human life that has been suppressed and oppressed for centuries in human history.” How Akosua felt during the shoot? “Free.”
The concept of the album cover was conceived by Evans (Kwami Kafui) Offori; who stated that he got the inspiration from the content of the album. He also mentioned that the album is about a supreme being or some sort of goddess in her natural, royal form that shows no embarrassment or shame about who she is, hence the nudity, and the calm yet indifferent aura.

In the making of such a photograph, one might think the atmosphere would have been rather stern and tense. In this case however, the image-making process was engulfed with so much ease and goodness. According to Eric Gyamfi, the photographer, they made the image “while talking politics, books, men, what waakye joints were the best” and the like; making the two hours of work seem like two seconds of delight!

And now, this is noteworthy: should you take a keen look at the background of the photo, you should see – amongst the names of the six artistes featured on the album – something rather pleasant. Here are a few hints: Names. Women. African. Black. Phenomenal.

In a nutshell, the picture was well executed; fitting the spirit of the idea in terms of portraying the album and its title. You are enjoined to “spend money on the album!” This is truly phenomenal work!

By: TheAyorkor Laryea