Sister Deborah: Sampanana ft Medikal
Dir: Emmanuel Owusu Bonsu

I would be lying to you if I told you I understood what Sister Deborah’s game plan is when it comes to her music – so imagine my surprise when my editor suggested that I review her latest video. I’m actually a fan, but she’s the last person I thought I would be doing a video review of especially on this platform, however, her latest video is definitely worth the view, the creativity alone deserves 5 stars.
Let’s break it down shall we – its very sweet watching how supportive Wanlov (who shouldn’t be new to you if you’re reading this, if he is, please stop reading and google – you’re welcome) is of his sister, whether its promoting her latest project on social media, her hype man on stage and now her music video director. If family does not go hard for you then who will!? This video format, is not the first of its kind, in fact, some of the greatest video’s I’ve seen have been shot in one take – for example Erykah Badu’s Window Seat, J. Cole’s Who Dat, Janelle Monae’s Cold War, D’Angelo’s Untitled (How Does It Feel), Chance The Rapper’s How Great and even Taylor Swift’s We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.
For a control freak like me, I can’t begin to imagine the logistical nightmare one encounters, to bring something like this together, so many moving parts (literally) but, there’s something about this video that is carefree, perfect in its imperfection, and from its 44k+ views, a lot of you agree. Lets take for example at 0:47secs, when Sister Deborah almost trips on the stairs as she manoeuvres her rough and ready set – a departure from her usually slick produced music videos since Uncle Obama. Or for example the hilarious moment a banana is dropped from a bunch from 2:42secs – 2:46secs, playing nicely into the theme of the song.
My favourite shot/camera work/sequence is the very clever, dance routine shot from 1:58secs – 2:01secs – you know I like a video when I say ‘doooopee’ and rewind like 15 times! 
Again, Sister Deborah and Wanlov have proved that you can do so much with a small budget, if you have bags of creativity.
5 stars from me!

Review by yoyo tinz member Hephzie