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EL: Kaa Bu Ame
Dir: Salifu Abdul Hafiz of DC Films

Fresh off his award sweeping moment at this years VGMA’s – winning an impressive five awards including Best Music Video for Shelele, EL has released visuals for Kaa Bu Ame – which is not on his recently released album; Elom.

It’s obvious from past reviews that I like EL’s approach to music videos and clearly being the golden boy of his record label BBNZ, they haven’t spared any expense on this video.

It opens with EL on what seems like a desert plain location, styled in Kwame Adjaye’s fitted ‘Pray’ cap (a staple for EL) and his Third Rendition ‘Saint and Sinners’ jacket, looking at odds in the heat compared to the practical Dashiki look in other scenes – but suffer for fashion, darling!

In true EL style, he effortlessly raps in a variety of local languages from Gã (which he seems more comfortable in), to Twi, then Pidjin and then finally English. The video, much like his recent Koko, is more of a performance than a story telling one – where he is put on the foreground of beautiful landscapes, put on a quad bike, edited together and infused with some jazzy visual effects and some intense colour grading, and viola!

Not a particularly interesting video for a reviewer; but EL still eminates the effortless calm and confidence of an award winning artist who knows his fans will love whatever he does (read the YouTube comments)… and having seen his (or the directors) creativity in other music videos like Shelele, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into what is coming next, because I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one.

It’s a simple and clean video; 3 stars from me!

Review by yoyo tinz member Hephzie
Twitter: @HephzIsBlessed
Blog: http://hephziek.blogspot.co.uk/

Photos: courtesy of @BBnZlive