First off, Kwadjo Spiri is not a new kid on the music block; homeboy has been at this music thing since his sophomore year at the university, some thirteen years ago.

In 2014, he put out his debut album, The Restitution – the public response to which was very contrary to the high hopes the artiste had for the album. Afterwards, Kwadjo went on a quasi-hiatus to  learn about Ghanaian music and sound, “to study the prevailing trends of music,” among other engagements. Every now and again though, he put out a single on his SoundCloud page.

Three years later, Kwadjo has reemerged with a new body of work, an EP titled The Fly; which is co-produced by Likwid Ice – who so happens to be “a big inspiration behind the project.”

Seeing as Kwadjo mentions the word ‘spiritual’ a significant number of times in his raps, one would be forgiven to assume that the ‘Spiri’ in his name is just ‘spirit’ with the last letter omitted. “Spiri” however, according to the artiste, is a name cropped from the word “inspiration”. It’s therefore, short for inspiration, [not] “spiritual.” Nonetheless, spirit/ual/ity has got something to do with it; his artistery, that is:

“In my opinion, every conscious musician is spiritual or express some level of spirituality in their music, only in different languages or terminology…Spirituality to me is an attempt to reach higher mental and spiritual capacities or tendencies. This transcends mediocrity and shines excellence in all life endeavors including the arts. I pursue the spiritual path(cosmic attunement) because I believe it’ll increasingly embellish my artistic tendencies and add more value to life.”

Lyrics rooted in ideas such as expounded above are what generally make up Kwadjo Spiri’s music. Aside spirituality, Kwadjo also likes to blend “science, philosophy, some religion and comedy;” into his raps; making his work highly (re)commendable, and the experience of listening to it, very worthwhile.

For starters, listeners unfamiliar with Kwadjo have the three month old The Fly EP to acquaint themselves with. The Fly is a a 5-track EP of hip hop music that samples legendary African musicians from Kojo Antwi to Hugh Masakela. The EP opens with Kwadjo Spiri’s “first ever written love song,” Medofo Pa; a serenading ode to a loved one, and closes with the tape’s Pan-African offering, Shot Him Down – a crash course on – also a ‘praise song’ to- a few post-colonial African leaders; from Patrice Lumumba to Thomas Sankara.

Moving forward?  Kwadjo Spiri believes that “it’s time for me to pay more attention to music,” and has already started work on another album. “The future,” he says, “is more and more beautiful music.”

By: Moshood Balogun.