By: Nii Armah

Photos: Fotombo

After a long period of silence by the Gospel-Porn rap group, Fokn Bois, the duo got loud again on their Fokn Tinz, with the second edition of the Fokn Party. The event, hitherto promised to be a captivating and exceptional one, surely lived up to its expectations.

The night began with fans showing up in their numbers and on time, in spite of the threatening weather, jittering with eagerness about the excitement they expected. The show was hosted by self-proclaimed African Mermaid, Sister Debbie.

The stage design – sofas sitting in front of a projection in the background – created an intimate connection between the performers and audience. The Fokn Bois kicked off performances with a few songs from their debut album, “Fokn with Ewe;” sending everyone into an euphoria. The night took an interesting turn with a descriptive performance of their song, “Strong Homosexual Guys” – together with a couple of people who were in on the act.

Wanlov and M3NSA retired to their seats momentarily and invited “Fidi’ on stage. Fidi, who was impressive with his performance at the very first Fokn Party, won the hearts of many yet again with his comeback appearance; performing one of his popular tracks over Wanlov’s guitar riffs. His satirical lines got the house bursting out in laughter, and clapping throughout. Fidi made way for 7:30; who got everyone involved in his performance as soon as he got on stage. Many were joyfully overwhelmed by his confidence and stagecraft.

The story time by Fokn bois was, for me, the climax of the show. In a speech, they tackled the issues crippling the country – from religion to politics and health; speaking passionately and exhaustively in all these areas. The audience was evidently knee deep in concentration that many didn’t notice it had started drizzling. It was indeed a night to behold.

Medikal was invited on stage – an announcement which got half the crowd on their feet. The rains had gotten severe at this time, but it was clear the audience didn’t mind getting wet to see the performance through.

The Fokn Party was brought to a close with performances of two of their hit tracks, “Gimme Pinch” and “BRKN LNGWJZ”by the Fokn Bois. It was an exceptional climax to an abrupt end. Though the fans were not excited about the interruption of the rain, everyone had a great time.