People who came out to the The Shop, Accra last Saturday evening for THE 50/50 AFFAIR WITH KAY-ARA can be conveniently grouped into two: day-ones who wanted to confirm if Kay-Ara’s still got it after a lengthy hiatus, and prospective fans who were there to give Kay-Ara the the chance to make them believers.

In what was his first show as a headliner after resuming from his break, Kay-Ara was engagingly fun, fly and high-voltage-electric.

Interspersing his sets with attire that seemingly fit the mood of the song(s) he performed during respective sets, Kay-Ara performed songs from his forthcoming album, For Those In The Middle.

All performances were live; and the warm and excited reception from the audience of songs that were largely new could be attributed to Kay-Ara’s showmanship – his arresting stagecraft and the sheer amazingness of the music.

Singer Omosede joined Kay-Ara on stage for the performance of a duet, and also did a recitation of a poem written by the latter.

Poetyk Prynx and Temple from the Pata Camp both did not fail to impress when it was their turns to make inputs to what climaxed into a grand night.

If the aura in the premises – during and after the show – is anything to go by, then its very safe to say that Kay-Ara’s still got it; and also that: those who were prospective fans at the beginning of the event have now been turned into believers and thus, fans.

We are truly excited about For Those In The Middle.