Humble, the lead single from Kendrick Lamar’s fourth studio album, Damn, was met with mass furore – for different reasons. And then, there was also this really hilarious one among the very many parodies of the song – and video – that were made.

Here now comes Arabic Man with an equally hilarious version of events; this time rooted in a very Accra experience: mobile phone wahala at Circle. (Hands up if you – or anybody you now – has fallen victim to dubious phone dealers at Kwame Nkrumah Circle!)
Arabic Man borrows the Humble Instrumental to detail what he describes as a “true life story of an incident between Arabic Man a phone dealer at Circle.”

The narration begins with Arabic Man going to Circle to swap his Nokia 3310 (plus his “last money”) with an iPhone6 and then…..nah, let’s not spoil it for you. Listen for yourself and laugh at a brother’s pain. Or maybe don’t.