Kay Madd is debuting his Bougainvillea EP with a 3-day event that showcases the multidisciplinary nature of the rapper’s artistry.

Aside his music, the Bougainvillea art installation/exhibition will feature numerous framed pieces, paintings and two installations by KayMad.

The exhibition, curated by dZZZdope, Inc. and Garden Madiba will also feature writings and paintings by a slew of artists – writers and content creators – from Ghana and across the continent – Calvin Alive, Norvi Esther, Abubakar Lykay, Yolanda Mazwana, to name a few.

The 3-day event opens on Wednesday, December 13 – at 9 a.m. inside the Garden Madiba (The African Ark) Gallery, and closes on Friday, December 15.

There’ll be a performance, by KayMad, of the Bougainvillea EP, on all three days of the event. Another constant feature will be the ‘Flower Talk’ – talk sessions featuring kayMad and “other speakers who’ll share their personal stories and guidance trials to assist other travellers.”

From DJ sets to auction sales, there shall be a host of other activities throughout the course of the event.

For details on location and activities and times, see attached poster and read the Bougainvillea Press Release here.

KayMad can be reached on his Twitter here.