There is some good stuff to be said, first of all, about the presentation of Crown Me a Halo, Denzel Robert’s debut album: a pleasing 15-page digital booklet composed of the album’s tracklist, photos of the artist, and lyrics to all the songs on the album.

Crown Me a Halo is a 13-track album of songs that are generally – and essentially – about the rapper’s passions and inspirations, which are deeply rooted in Denzel Washington’s Christian beliefs.

Of the album he says that: “it is a paradoxical statement between my humility as a good kid coming from a Christian home and the sudden hubris I gained becoming a rapper.” He also adds that Crown Me a Halo is a chronicling of his life’s struggles all the way to his current moment of victory; which is symbolised by the release of this, his current project.

On Track 8, H.E.Y., Denzel mentions “passion” as one of the reasons why he’s doing this; and after one has walked away from listening to his debut album, they’d be convinced that that much is true.

There isn’t necessarily a standout track on the album; nevertheless, Crown Me a Halo is a commendable effort.

Get Crown Me a Halo on iTunes here.