If you dey observe, yu go see say Chinese people dey everywhere you go pass; wey dem dey do different kinds of jobs – some sef bi Jobs wey Ghanaians no go do. Dem take over more businesses. Ibi these issues e dey hia say we go talk about as them get serious consequences for wona lives; and Wanlov always know how e dey do am. Go We Yui ,be the title of ein latest track.

 The main thing Wanlov dey talk for this track inside bi say make dem pocket height, little eyed, work thirsty, greedy people, then wonna government people all wey dey sell us out to them, komot for there. To many e go fit be revolutionary song; as in the day we go talk say make we stand up for wona rights, this bi the soundtrack e for dey play for back.
Wanlov talk more of this kind tinz for ein previous tracks top – point blank and direct, addressing issues wey everybody jie ein mind from. Tinz wey e dey happen for right under wona noses but more people dey fear say dem go talk.
So in conclusion, we can’t call you shifu , we are sorry. Just Go We Yui.