Dawson Baiden is a self-proclaimed hip-hop head, street art enthusiast, sneaker lover, geek and Afro boy, who loves to share hip hop music from all over the world. In service of that, Dawson hosted a radio show for two years, on which he shared hip hop music from across the globe.

Although the show no longer runs, the love for sharing hip hop music remains: Dawson curates Japanese rap music on his website – realjapanesehiphop.com-, and periodically puts together mixes of hip hop music.

Dawson doesn’t consider himself a DJ, though: “I’m just a guy who wants to share good vibes.” How does he do that? It’s simple: by pushing buttons on his controller – which he sees as a video game – and striving “to make music that sounds as good as possible.”

Here, we share with you one of such mixes: Fufu Boy 2 – a 31-minute mix of songs by Ghanaian rap artistes from Jayso to Joey B.

Why ‘Fufu Boy,’ you may wonder: well, a couple of reasons: firstly, one of Dawson’s friends often call him ‘fufu boy;’ and also because he wanted a dish that was recognisably Ghanaian; besides, he says, “fufu also sounds good.” And might we add that it tastes good, too.

Click play below and enjoy the Fufu Boy (2) mix by Dawson Baiden. It might go well with some fufu, who knows.