Note (for the uninitiated): Don’t Drop The Mic (#DDTM) is an urban variety show which happens every Saturday – except the last one of each month – at various locations in Lagos city.

Last Saturday, inside one of the very cosy bars on the premises of Bogobiri House in Ikeja, the first one of December’s three slated #DDTM editions took place.

With free cups of Jameson whisky to keep things alive and smooth, a roomful of young Lagos City inhabitants engaged in fun, entertaining activities; as well as in conversations that were informative and stimulating.

The activities were wide-ranging: musical performances, a poetry recital, improv. storytelling (and acting) competitions, an open mic session, several freestyle cyphers – with verses composed based on words/themes supplied on the spot, guess games…

On the ‘Conversations’ side of things, there was, for instance, a discussion on one of Lagos State’s new traffic legislations: a one year jail term for first offenders who drive against traffic; popularly known as “One Way” driving; which segued into deliberations on social change; and roadblocks to a sustained mass clamour for its realisation – disunity and docility of the populace being some of the stated hurdles.

His imperial self hardly ever absent in any space, Uncle Sam was present among the topics for discussion – the 9/11- World Trade Centre wahala and whether or not it was a deliberate, planned thing. Go figure. (The film ‘zeitgist’ was recommended by the host.)

Co-director of #DDTM , Femi Aribisala, was host for the night; and he did a marvellous job at it, sharing, every now and then, anecdotes which ranged from amusing to thought-provoking.

The communal camarderie of the ambience was remarkable: from the intimacy of the interactions all through to the equal regard given to every voice in the room.

With all of the above said, it should follow that December’s first #DDTM night was an amazing one.

So. If you find yourself in Lasgidi on a Saturday night, looking to indulge in a wholesome mix of the entertaining and the intellectual – with a pinch of the subversive, you know what to do!

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