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This website was officially launched on the evening of Friday, June 10, at a well­attended event
inside the Brazil House, James Town. The event brought together artists, art enthusiasts,
bloggers, journalists, hip hop lovers, and friends and family of yoyo tinz.
Director Selorm Jay, and co­director Essenam Deblos jointly charted the trajectory of yoyo tinz-
from the conception of the idea to the official launch of the website.
Later on, after the website was unveiled, Selorm Jay run through details and sections of the
website with the audience.
Rapper Akan had a set that was as engaging as it was entertaining, climaxing with a first time
performance of his latest single ‘Helebaba’ with the sensational Worlasi. Bizzy Mof was also
present, and he treated the house to some beat boxing.
An official announcement was made about the collaboration between yoyo tinz and the FOKN
BOIS to release the duos’ upcoming album, ‘FOKN Ode to Ghana,’ on the 30th of June.
The night culminated in the birth of a new website; an event of symbolic significance, and it is the
hope of yoyo tinz that this baby is visited very often, and that visitors find it as educative as they
find it entertaining, and, above all, that they find it informative.
Photos by : @thestudioaccra