In Ga, it is “toiŋjɔlɛ.” “Asomdwee” in Twi. It is “fafa” in Ewe, and “zaman lafiya” in Hausa.

Beside being touted as the beacon of democracy in Africa, Ghana is also very well known and praised for being oh so peaceful.

Some have argued that the guarding of  our reputation as a ‘very peacful nation’ has played a role in the docility of the citizenry, and in the disintegration of the nation. Because, it is often the case when Ghanaians are called on to rise and fight/protest/agitate/riot/revolt for a better Ghana, that people say things along these lines “…even if we do not have anything at all, we have peace which is the most important thing. And we have to protect it.”

So, for some it’s a matter of prioritising our “peace” over anything else, and for others, the question is “ebi peace we go chop?”