Kay-Ara: The Accra City Hustle

Dir: Fotombo

As I watch this video, the one thing I think is, he must be really hot in this corduroy jacket, jeans and boots – but suffer for fashion darling!

The video starts with establishing drone shots of Accra, to a medium shot of Kay-Ara in an uncompleted building, then to a ‘tracking’ shot of him in the streets of Accra. We see him doing the usual rapper gestures (you know the ones), in the market streets, bus stations and even the post office.

Fotombo does well to establish the track title, as the lyrics seem to have strayed from the title, save for the first 6 – 7 bars, and more about his extra curricular errrhhh, shall we say, ‘activities’. However, you easily get caught up in the performance, jump shots, and background of the whole production, that you’re left wanting more after 2mins and 36 secs.

Cannot end this review without mentioning that Kay – Ara, is a dope lyricist – I had to rewind back a few times to fully understand the ‘bars’ or punchlines, so much so that, I misunderstood the ‘feminist’ line – you should see the first draft of this review. ‘If she DM’s me, I go FaceTime and T.X.T, she go leff your der come D.N.D, cos your net worth be my T.N.T.

And just because, Fotombo’s visuals are great, I’m giving this a 3.5 star rating!

By :  Hephzie

Twitter: @HephzIsBlessed