Kay-Ara – High on Epiphany

Dir: Yaw P

Shot by rapper, beatmaker and director Yaw P, in Adjiiringanor, East Legon, this video is Kay-Ara’s second visual release this year – and it has a very raw feel to it.

Uniquely, this is two video’s in one – doesn’t have much of a story line, in this case the lyrics do the heavy lifting; which I believe is testament to how much he just wanted to get the visuals out there. Kay- Ara tells me; “So before I dropped Accra City Hustle, I had quit music for about 3years, so this video sort of captured a song that had me rapping like the old me… and talking about continuing my journey in the second song.” 

In true Kay-Ara style, this is a performance video, mostly set in an uncompleted building, which seems to be a theme in most videos of late, and on the streets of East Legon – the ‘raw’ theme is set, when the video openings with Kay pissing in the corner of the building (all I can think after that is I hope he washed his hands after the shot). He admits that although they wanted to do more with the two video in one format, they were limited – there is something quite genius about this format, which isn’t common in recent GH music videos, that I wish Kay and Yaw would have been a little bit more creative with. However, I understand being limited, and being restless until you get a concept out of your system. 

Although the story telling could use a little work, I admire the effort, and the concept is dope so it’s a 3 out of five for me.