Ko-Jo Cue, one of Ghana’s hardest upcoming rappers (actually, anyone who’s been following the local music scene knows him) drops another banger called Corolla Music. After dropping the singles, PLK, Poetry’s Back with Rumor and I No Dey Hear with Cabum, he drops this one to keep us in higher anticipation for his album dropping sometime this year, titled, The Shining Album.

This joint is once again produced by IPappi, who also produced Ko-Jo’s PLK (Punch Line King). This song follows the growing trend of trap music, originally from the United States. This song in particular features elements from Drake’s Versace Freestyle as well as Sarkodie’s cover of the same song, which he titled “Kumasi”.

The rapper says the title of his song “Corolla Music” was inspired by the fact that Sakawa boys (Internet Fraudsters) buy Toyota Corolla S car with their first big hit. On the hook, he talks about a “baby” he’s cruising with who’s hot as the devil. Apparently Ko-Jo’s girlfriend also has a Corolla.

On his first verse, he talks about how his skills as a rapper was undermined and now he is wanted for features. But he says, regardless the amount of the money involved, he has to first check with his schedule.

The Cue Label rapper sent shouts out his close friends who have supported him since early days, Steroo, Element, Asante and also shouts out his homeland, Kumasi! in Ghana. He’s been repping Kumasi hard on every song of his I’ve heard.

He expressed his admiration for Kendrick Lamar and said he would like to be on a song with him, and made references to Drake in the next line. The mentioned 2 rappers seem to have some sort of beef going down as well. What is wordplay to the punchline king?!

On the second verse, he shouts out some of his boys again including Rukie, Nyfer and Selassie. He uses that to tie in the line, with an adlib.

Man, Ko-Jo is good. He goes on to drop a proverb in Twi “Okra yε kεsε sε deεn Koraa enkyerε sε ne ti pεn ne gyata.” which means no matter how big a cat is, it will never be at par with a lion. He follows with the line “So just bow your head, hyena, whenever you speak to Mufasa”, making a reference to Lion King, as well as communicating how great he is. He goes on to talk about areas in Ghana where his music is loved more.

The rapper then uses this song as a medium to address some social issues as well. He calls out the president Ghana, John Dramani Mahama accusing His Excellency and his government of the economic difficulties and living conditions in the country.

Corolla Music is a good song overall. I may be biased because I like Ko-Jo Cue, but it is really good. He did well with the lyricism, and language. He altered between Twi and Pidgin to make the song relatable to many people in his country Ghana. The instrumental is a good one too; credit to IPappi for this one.

BY: Franklin Digber