Kojo Cue took to his social media accounts two days ago to make an announcement which should be exciting news to fans – and potential fans – of rap music.

“One of my biggest issues with Ghana rap and Ghana rap fans,” the announcement began, “is they don’t take time to understand rap or hip hop enough to make their own decisions on what’s dope and what’s not.”

Kojo briefly elaborated on the point, and went on to state what could be his impetus for deciding “to educate those who do not know and are willing to learn, on some basics they can use to judge rap and rappers.”

Over the course of the masterclass, Kojo Cue promises to – in a series of posts on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – “tackle a lot of the components of rap and what makes a person a dope rapper.”
In true ‘time no dey’ fashion, the first lesson —What Factors Come Together To Make Rap?— came with the announcement of the masterclass.

This you could be paying a hefty amount of money for, but Kojo Cue is offering for free – for the culture; and we think that alone is enough reason to attend this online rap masterclass with Kojo – by paying attention to his social media accounts, at least till next Friday (September 15) when it is scheduled to come to a close.