M.anifest – Hand dey go, hand dey come ft Worlasi

Dir: Garth Von Glehn 

So M.anifest might just pull a Beyoncé on us can have visuals for every song on his Nowhere Cool album, I’m not complaining. I love reviewing M.anifest’s videos, because you can tell he really respects the art of storytelling and see’s music videos, as an extension of his art. Or maybe he doesn’t, and fancies himself as a bit of an actor, but somehow I inclined to go with the former.

I believe that Nowhere Cool is the height of M.anifest’s artistic excellence and it comes as no surprise that the visuals follow suit. He teams up with his long-time directing partner, and Worlasi, who I’m sure, together are working on a secret squirrel project (Yes I’m starting the rumour, spread it!), to bring to life the fourth song on the album. 

Hand dey go, hand dey come, tells the story of reciprocity – shot in his grandmothers town of Woe, in the Volta Region, the video see’s Worlasi and M.anifest, living life as fishermen. In typical village community way, everyone works together to keep life moving forward – you scratch my back, I scratch yours – symbiosis. 

The video opens to the sunny climes of the Volta Region, with a stunning establishing shot of the beach, bathed in the glow of sun set, which makes me immediately homesick. The entire video is set on the beach; at the shore, in the lighthouse and the fisherman at sea, however, the video does not get boring, there is a constant variety of shots, from M.anifest in the lighthouse, to fishermen pulling in the catch of the day and a lady selling breakfast of rice water to the fishermen.  It is definitely a feel good video, there isn’t a moment that particularly stands out, but I loved frame after frame – so beautifully shot, every scene edited together to portray the concept succinctly. 

M.anifest and Garth Von Glehn’s poetry with this video deserves at 4.5 star. Nicely done! 

Review by Yoyotinz member Hephzie

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