Oshomah Native refers to himself as a ‘human rainbow’ – an alias informed by his multiple identities and influences: he was born in Takoradi (in the Western Region of Ghana) to a Ghanaian mother and a Nigerian father.

Oshomah grew up in Ghana, in the late 90’s, hearing a lot of high-life and hip-life music. On moving to Nigeria about a decade later, he encountered “a whole new music culture.”

Oshomah thought it pertinent to merge both environments and their respective cultures: “to showcase different colours of cultural backgrounds, [learn] to find similarities in them, and blend them together to form a rainbow culture.”

Enter THE VILLAGE. Oshomah Native moved back to Ghana in 2008 and made new friends who exposed him to “new genres of music like jazz…”

“After years of listening to more songs and learning to find my sound,” Oshomah announces, “i finally released my debut single which has a very strong Neo Soul influence.”

This debut single is The Village – a song incidentally written after Oshomah lost his dad. (“a most difficult time,” he says.) the Village is a solemn piece of music; on the poetic, reflective side of things. Oshomah Native says of the song: “it talks about my shortcomings.” We say: for a very first effort, it is a commendable one.

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