by: moshood                                                                                                                             photos: Sena Asante

Last Saturday’s Outerlane Concert turned out just as good as – or maybe even better than – last year’s Nuse concert – which was really good. Both concerts were eponymously named after musical projects released by Worlasi in respective years; the former being after the very recently released Outerlane EP.

The night got off to a good start; beginning, as assured by Worlasi in the event’s promo track, right on time; with an opener by Dede Afriq.

A line-up of other opening performers – Boyd, Xtacy, Kwame X – kicked off proceedings with sets that were almost lucklustre. Band of the evening, Safoa Band, followed with a few renditions before the headliner, Worlasi was introduce to ecstatic applause from the almost-full house.

In his first set, Worlasi performed live renditions of three songs from the Outerlane EP, interspersing his performance with humorous anecdotes and remarks; much to the cheer and amusement of the crowd.

FOKN BOI, Wanlov, came on with his guitar and did his thing, as usual; one constant feature of which is that a set never ends without the crowd howling with laughter at some point(s).

The electricity in the house was turned up notches higher with the introduction of Akan – who performed songs from his two-month old album, Onipa Akoma. The liveliness of his set was evident – wth the multiplied number of audience members who got up on their feet – to the front of the stage – to jam with Akan. Worlasi joined him on stage to climax it with a double performance of the popular joint, Helebaba.

Maintaining the comedic precedent set during his first set, Worlasi went on to perform some more songs from the EP; with Worlarmy in tow, singing along as before.

Teephlow had quite an amazing set too; his a capella flows eliciting euphoric responses from the crowd. It was an experience rap lovers would find very cool. An uncool thing about this set, however, would be the homophobic sentiments Teephlow expressed, triggered by the crowds hooting in response to a benign statement made by the rapper about “fucking with Worlasi…”

If Akan turned up the electrical waves notched higher, the Bar Man, E.L. , came and took that current and multiplied it by several times. From the beginning to the end of his set, there was never a dull moment as EL run through his hit-filled repertoire. More than half of the audience on their feet – rapping, singing, dancing and waving along – all the while. It was extremely lit. Only smudge, though: he mimed throughout his entire performance. Someway.

Although they added to the fun and organic sense of the night, Worlasi’s humorous utterances felt a bit dragged out and overdone at times. His outfits were gorgeous throughout, though.

Alee joined Worlasi on stage around this time to perform one of the most loved songs on Outerlane, Mawuena. Before Worlasi performed his last songs – Nukata and You Saw Me; both of which joined the ranks of crowd-pulling songs/performances of the night – the god mc, M.anifest came on and also performed what was one of the night’s very impressive sets; capping it all up with spectacular performances of some of his songs with Worlasi – 100%, Time No Dey…

It was eleven thirty by the time all the jamming had been jammed – half an hour past the scheduled closing time. That extra time could as well be the extra fun people had aside the fun they’d come expecting.