Rapper X.O. Senavoe and the amazing vocalist, Efya, team up once again to bless listeners with a nostalgia inducing track titled “Oluwadele” (which means ‘God is Home’ in the Yoruba language of Nigeria.)

Lyrics of the song- which is a single off the rappers long overdue XpointO mix tape takes listeners back into young Senavoe’s world: ever smiling kids, idolizing the late Michael Jackson, bastardizing the hook to his ‘Don’t Drop ‘Til You Get Enough’ song, all the way to the days when Reggie Rockstone birthed Hiplife, to when Yvonne Chaka Chaka’s ‘Umqombothi’ was on everyone’s’ lips.


Definitely relatable stuff to listeners who grew up in all the eras mentioned and referenced in the song.

All in all, ‘Oluwadele’ is the quintessential ‘Home Sweet Home’ type of song.

By: Hamza Moshood

Photos : @Selormjay