The experience with rapper Drilix has come to an end. Over the years, the rapper has exhibited an uniqueness in style that came with versatile delivery and generally impressive lyricism – all of which are manifested on the projects he’s released as Drilix – The Solution Mixtape in 2010, 2012’s Urban Mixtape, and HipHopLives in 2015.

Drilix is now to be known as Ntelabi – a Konkomba name which means “my father lives.” The name change has been informed by the rappers “recent engagement in the study of African History and other related studies that have given him new insights and perspectives to life.” Moving forward, it has been mentioned by the artiste that all of the above is going to reflect immensely in his artistery. Ntelabi seeks to marry both old and new audiences by employing adaptability and versatility in his music which is is ultimately goint to evoke an “Urban African HipHop” feel. He also hopes to break through with his music here in Ghana, on the continent, and beyond; and to also use his influence “to make a positive impact in people’s lives.”

Information gathered from his manager, Samson Osei, indicates that Ntelabi is currently working on an LP titled “Settings,” which is due to be released in the middle of the year. Samson disclosed that “It’s beyond the music for Ntelabi now, and the team at III Haven are working tirelessly to push his brilliance across the international borders.”

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