Lil Shaker & Kojo Cue: Pen and Paper 

Dir: Esianyo Kumodzi 

My editor usually isn’t this excited when he asks me to review a video – but he shares everything I need to know in quick hurried sentences, followed by a summary of what looks like a press conference in a studio. It’s the BBNZ studio and Shaker and Kojo Cue (this Bantama rapper sits pretty in my top 5) announcing their joint album and teasing their new music video. 

After I watch the video, my single response is ‘dope’ – to which my editor says ‘I knew it’. At the press conference Kojo Cue is keen on doing a Beyoncé and releasing a music video for each song on the album – well, this video is a very good start! Shot entirely in the BBNZ offices, the video starts with Shaker refusing to sign a contract offered by label bosses, then leading to Cue destroying mounted record awards and trophies – both portraying a frustration with the current state of the music industry, where it seems everything is motivated by the need for accolades.

The entire video is mainly both artists performing to the camera, but this certainly does not get boring – the viewer can tell that a lot of thought and planning went into this, as both performances sync nicely. The first 1:40secs is beautifully paced and shot in one take (which currently seems to be a theme), then the viewer is seemingly transported back into time with the introduction of a tape/tape player – unless tapes are now making a comeback and I’ve missed the wave. 

Through out the video, the boys are connoting a return to the days of old, where it was all about the lyrics – no hideously expensive rented cars, no light skinned half naked girls, no unopened bottles of Belaire; thus the title pen and paper. The colour scheme for the video is black and white – both styling and interior decorations – save for the obligatory red ‘party’ cups, another sign of a throwback to the beginnings. 

They start and end with the lyrics ‘Leaders of the new school’ – while paying homage to the old school, when in the final shot we see the albums of GH hip hop legends; Obrafuour, Reggie Rockstone, Buk Bak etc. I don’t know what’s in the water cooler at that label, but BBNZ boys never dissapoint.

It’s a 4 star from me! 

Review by Yoyotinz member Hephzie

Twitter: @HephzIsBlessed