Skillions CEO, JaySo has released the first official single off his much anticipated debut album after being in the Ghanaian hiphop music scene since 2002. The song titled “Making Tasha Proud” was inspired by Tasha; a very big fan of his whom he met at a Yfm Area Codes Jam in 2010.

Tasha, after taking pictures with her idol at that event, impeccably rapped the whole of JaySo’s “This is how (Oh My)” song for him years later, since she is now an aspiring rapper

JaySo, deeply moved by all of this, made a song about it. He made this song to serve as some sort  of motivation for Tasha and also to thank her, and by extension, all his fans for the support. He talked about his dedication to making real hip hop music in spite of his friends constantly telling him how ‘too much rap’ doesn’t pay bills.

“Making Tasha Proud” features fast-rising singer A.I. and overall, it is a very fresh and beautiful sound. What’s more refreshing though, is hearing Mr. Oh My infuse some more Twi into his raps.