Another Efo Chameleon and Wanlov collaboration- this time about the infamous judges’ bribe scandal that hit the country several weeks ago. Efo Chameleon in his usual witty style, commentates on the issue. Wanlov, this time around on the beat with Efo- and not behind the camera, delivers a brief guest verse and gives a really interesting and overlooked aspect of the whole argument. “The bible says thou shalt not judge and you went to judge,” he stated at the end of the song.

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Paedae Omar Sterling’s long overdue mixtape -Victory Through Harmony- is shaping up to be quite a monumental project. People are still loving the first official single “Nineteen Ninety,” which he followed up with “Swag”. Damba Flow is the third offering from the tape and it’s a mellow jam on which Omar Sterling spits some laidback raps about his dawgs, his life (style) and such and such.

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Kofi Kinaata, another another witty and creative lyricist, also released Susuka, his letest single. It’s a song that centers around a theme that’s quite cliche, but necessary, nonetheless: being content with whatever one has because another has it worse. Kinaata sings rather smoothly on a large portion of the song and delivers a typical Kofi Kinaata verse to cap it all off. He advices the tilapia to ‘not be jealous of the eagle when it flies, because when it comes to swimming, it, the tilapia is (also) the best.’

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4. Imani – ON FIRE(OJAH) Ft Krack Gyamfi & Fameye (Prod.Liquidbeatz)

Imani, Krack Gyamfi and Fameye seem to be literally on fire in this song; but why not? especially when one is talking about challenges in the industry and life in general. But no, this song is not just a lament -or at least it doesn’t end at lamentations, but goes on to give some vim to the audience.

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