Just as the mic is essential to the rapper, Turn table to the Dj, Music to the Dancer, so it the Canz to the Graffiti artiste.

One can not imagine a graffiti artiste without his canz. This would be the plight of Ghana’s artsite who wanted to express themselves until recently. Yes they could get canz to work but it would only be of  low quality. The way out for some of the artistes was to ask favours from travelers to brings them canz they would then pay for.

This would not be of worry anymore since AcrilexGhana, this year, has started stocking professional graffiti canz, including the new water based Montana canz.

It excites us very much to know that the whole graffiti experience can be taken to another level. We hope that it will encourage more artists to take possession of the streets and do some beautiful art in their communities and beyond!