Yesterday, the much publicised, much awaited “Night Of Bliss” hosted by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, took place at the Black Star Square here in Accra. The event saw twelve of the city’s busy roads shut closed, as it was reported that about 500, 000 people were expected to be at the event. Though held here in Ghana, it was reported that visitors from neighbouring countries were expected to attend the event.

About twelve hours before the start of the event, thousands of people were already present at the venue. This sparked conversations on social media on issues related to religion and prioritisation. Rapper, Kojo Cue weighed in, expressing amazement and disappointment at the fact that Ghanaians would report several hours early to a religious gathering, but do otherwise when it came to work, business meetings, etc.

It is worth noting an incident that happened a few years ago: the stampede-resulting in deaths and injuries- that occured at the Accra branch of the Synagogue Church, as members struggled to grab their own bottles of annointed oil  that was reportedly coming from T.B. Joshua.

Also worth mentioning is the enormous statue of “Jesus Christ”-which is reportedly the largest in Africa- that was unveiled in Abajah, Nigeria, a few weeks ago.

With this deep interest in, and extremely high prioritisation of Christ-or is it the ‘Men of God’?- in Ghana and across the continent, it is worth asking: is it really about Jesus Christ, Heaven and all other things Christianity demands of, and promises Christians, is it the right faith just being practiced the wrong way, or is it just a matter of government having failed citizens to point of hopelessness so much so that the only sensible, dependable hope can be found in religion, in Christ, in Heaven?

What other questions could be asked about this phenomenon? What answers could be provided to them?

(Image: a mural of “Jesus Christ” painted by Togolese graffiti artiste, Trez Folly, outside the house of a preacher in Lome, Togo.)