Africa Dialogues is an African-thought leadership platform which brings together “distinguished individuals to foster productive dialogue about Africa’s future in attaining AGENDA 2065 and SDG 2063.”

The outfit recently played host to Sarkodie as he gave a eight minute talk on consistency.

Sark began the talk by projecting two images of himself -one from “way back in the day when he started” and the other, a very recent one – both pictures making very obvious the physical changes the rapper has undergone over the years.

According to Sark, all his progress – as evidenced in the two photos – and consistency can be almost entirely attributed to his mindset – which can be called the “King Sark State of Mind;” arguing that most (young, upcoming) artistes “loose focus and do not stay consistent because of their state of mind and energy.”

Sark goes on to share a few other ideas and ended his talk with an appeal for diasporic investment in Ghana’s creative arts industry.

PS: Sarkodie has a new album out . you can also get it on most music platforms