There is a surge in Ghana -albeit slow- in songs that reflect a national consciousness.

Supreme Rights’ Krack Gyamfi and Cryme Record’s  Loonee TKR’s latest collaboration, ‘Change’ is a typical example of such songs.

With cultural colonialism, mental slavery and political tomfoolery still very rampant out here, songs such as this one that assert a pride in who we are, and an awareness of our state, are very relevant and much needed.

We at Yoyotinz are very excited about this song. Go ahead and press play and find some vim for your week.

Fun Facts:

1. Both artistes have been featured on our Gintar Tins series (See here and here.)
2. Both Krack Gyamfi and Loonee are going to be present at ‘The Shrine’ come this weekend at #Chalewote2015.