Yaw P and Temple: Did I (Acropolis)
The video opens like a movie, with a variety of low angle and medium shots of Yaw P in his signature ‘rope chain’ – which he assures me is mainly a fashion statement piece – and sunglasses, looking très chic on the cobbled streets of Paris. I’ve been intrigued by Yaw P since being introduced to his work behind the scenes, on Kay-Ara’s projects as they both rep the same ‘label’ – NeoSpirituals – turning his hands at director, producer and label head. And now, rapper.
When I catch up with him, I want to start from the beginning so I ask about NeoSpirituals. He explains that it is a label but not in the traditional sense – more of a creative umbrella, where artists can collaborate with each other, while offering them some promo links to media and select radio stations. Did I is a track from the Acropolis EP, a project by Yaw P and Temple, recorded over a year – all produced by Yaw P. They describe it as a “sound, a time, a place that we’re in… it’s a whole vibe”. The name, Acropolis, comes from a part of Adisco where their headmaster stays, his residence – both artists attended the school (different years though), a common ground for both artists to pull from.
Shot over two days while sightseeing (spot the Louvre-Pyramide, Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame), they decided to shoot the picturesque video as well. The video doesn’t have a storyline – which by the way isn’t a bad thing – but consists of fast paced shots of both artists posing, slow-mo walking and performing to camera. I especially love the silhouette shots behind a gate (1:10, 1:37, 1:40, 1:44 and 2:01 -11)  at the Louvre. Like the last video I reviewed, it’s obvious this video was shot on the fly, but what the director did with it is super creative and stunning!
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