Almost a month ago, on the 26th of April, Wanlov the Kubolor released his fourth studio album; “Orange Card: Fruitopian Raps” – which came with a very quirky, enthralling album artwork by Bright Ackwerh.

“Orange Card: Fruitopian Raps” has been described as “a tip-off” to Wanlov’s debut album, “Green Card.” Beyond the description given about the album title – “Orange is an uplifting color and represents wealth,” & A Fruitopian is someone who loves fruits” – Wanlov is, beginning today, going to give a background to each of the album’s 21 songs.

Today being Day 1 of the 21 days, Wanlov took to Twitter to post a note that gives a background to the album’s opening track, Go Wei Yu:

“I designed this to be the opening track of the album because of the current state of relations between China & Africa. In Ghana a lot of Chinese nationals mine for gold illegally and fish illegally destroying Ghanaian lands and livelihoods,” the note begins, and goes on to give information on the song’s production.

You should follow these twenty one days of detailing on Wanlov’s Twitter; as the filla gets more interesting and informative.

“Orange Card: Fruitopian Raps” can be purchased on iTunes and on Bandcamp.