The Wanlov directed music video for Kwame Write’s “Protruded Plastics” is a stark depiction of a very urgent phenomena that gets paid way less attention than it deserves in regards to issues of national concern: plastic pollution.

Another video directed by Wanlov – Eli & Wanlov’s “Gold Coast” – immediately comes to mind as a visual that also vividly highlights the extent of plastic pollution in the country.

The visuals for “Protruded Plastic” is just as striking -if not more; so much so that it is very uncomfortable and unsettling for the viewer who sees, via Wanlov’s lens, the extent to which plastic waste has polluted water bodies and turned these means of livelihood and sustainability into waste dumps. This, no doubt ties in with the galamsey menace in the country that also destroys water sources and the environment at large. Left unchecked, it goes without saying, that these nature-killing practices will lead to very dire -even deadly- consequences for the country and it’s citizens; as has already began in some parts of the country.

It helps that artistes are making efforts by contributing artistically to spreading much needed awareness about these happenings.

Yes! to artistes using multimedia means to shed light on matters concerning the environment, its inhabitants and their survival.

Protruded Plastics is off Kwame Write’s recently released EP, Bloodlines; which you can stream/buy here.