Look what we have here: Lyrical Wanzam has just reemerged from a rather long hiatus. And he seems to have come to ruffle feathers – perhaps unwittingly – with this, his latest joint, What The FCUK is Hip Life? (WTFH)

Sounds audacious, that’s right! Typical Wanzam.

WTFH features Wanzam’s longtime collaborators Bebelino and LooneyTKR and one could say this about the track after a first time listen: it has qualms with that coinage by Reggie Rockstone which resulted from the merging of hip hop and high life: hiplife.

Hiplife has had its share of jostle and debate; all of which WTFH could very well reignite while contributing a fresh perspective to be considered.

Being who we are as yoyo tinz, we are very much excited about this track and its prospects. We hope though, that aside all the conversation, other exciting things about WTFH – from that banging production by FIFI ANSV all through to the witty lyricism – are not disregarded.

Follow the link below to listen and engage. And most importantly, enjoy.