Fokn Ode TO Ghana FOTG BACK

About 2 years ago FOKN Bois came across “Ode To Ghana”, a hip hop instrumental album released by Hobo Truffles featuring various hip hop producers worldwide who made beats using mainly Ghanaian Highlife samples. FOKN Bois could not resist the urge to put lyrics to all 21 beats using it as an opportunity to address the current state of their homeland, Ghana.

The most active hip hop Collective in Ghana, yoyo tinz, decided to partner with the FOKN Bois to put out this pivotal release in a time where Ghana needs a lot more thinkers than dancers. This album will edutain you and hopefully inspire positive action.

“Sorry it took us so long…there was traffic and light off and pipe off in Dansoman” – FOKN Bois

FOKN Bois are giving out this album for FREE! You can show your appreciation by blessing their paypal ( or by purchasing something from