2018 was doubtless a significant year in Ghanaian music: new artistes, new frontiers, new sounds, of course, new music… It is exciting to imagine the possibility of even much newer – and perhaps even better – versions of the above-mentioned.

This year has started on a pretty good note for rap music, and we look forward to even better, as the year progresses. Before notorious January runs out, we thought we’d make a young list of artists we recommend you keep your eyes and ears peeled out for. You can thank us later!

Abena Rockstar

Abena Rockstar has been on our radar for quite a long while now. And over the years, the refinement in her craft becomes ever more evident. This is very much embodied in her debut album, Harvest Season LP, which was released at the top of this year; it seems tone a gesture – which could as well be saying that: Abena Rockstar is bringing it all this year, whether we’re ready or not. We at yoyo tinz would recommend readiness, though. You can start by getting Harvest Season, and keep your eyes and ears on her Instagram for free periodic flows.

Daney King Eli

This man is something of an enigma – unassuming persona, distinct style and sound, good music. Daney King Eli awed the audience at the yoyo tinz festival in November – merely an encore of his awesome performance at the Onipa Akoma concert. On stage, he begins lukewarm and warms up to electric levels. Unassuming, yes; but you’ll be mistaken to assume he’s got nothing to offer. Pay attention to Daney King Eli.


Our history with Marince began some three years ago when he performed during an open mic session, on a yoyo tinz shrine stage. If time has proven anything, it’s that: this has been a journey of evident growth and justification on Marince’s part. The young man was undoubtedly one of the star performers at our debut yoyo tinz festival in November. If you like your raps with, uh, vibes, Marince would be a good place to listen. He’s got a pretty remarkable cadence to his flow as well. Don’t slack, check him out.

Myra Stardoms

Myra Stardoms created a bit of a buzz for herself sometime last year with her viral Letter To The President. We’ve checked Myra out, had her perform at the yoyo tinz festival (and she really brought it up on that stage!), and we can confirm this: Myra Stardoms is not one hit wonder. Her raps, delivered in seamless Hausa, Twi and Pidgin, are a s fiery as they are substantive. We’re keen to see and here more of her this year. You should be, too.


For many people, ‘out of the blue’ would be an accurate descriptor for Tulenkey’s emergence on the scene in the dying months of 2018. He crashed through the glass ceiling with his #empawa100submisssion, Proud Fvck Boys (which has proven itself anthemic!) and went on, shortly, to prove himself worthy with a very fine EP, 1/1. The initiated would know this: Tulenkey’s humor-laden levelheaded raps is appealing stuff with very high potential to thrive. He seems to be ready to own this year.


Here’s to a splendid year of hip-hop music; we wish artistes all the vim, and everything else they may need in doing the damn work.